Beautiful LiesThe connor brothers

The Connor Brothers

The Connor Brothers is a pseudonym for London based artists Mike Snelle and James Golding. Their work explores themes such as the nature of truth, the power of fiction, and the concept of sanity in contemporary culture.

Often they invent believable fictions which are designed to fool the viewer and remind them to hold their beliefs lightly - 'what appear to be universal truths often turn out to be little more than the convenient fictions.'

Tales of tricksters are rife in the stories told by almost all cultures, from Br'er Rabbit to the Viking god Loki.

Characteristically, their role is to playfully challenge conventional rules and momentarily disrupt normal life, lifting the rug to force us to examine some aspect of ourselves or our culture, so that when they put it back, everything is not quite as it used to be.

The Connor Brothers play this role perfectly, luring us in to their fictional world only to leave us wondering whether the real world is quite as it seems.

5 KamisSven Sauer

Sven Sauer

The term »Kami« is Japanese and describes honoured ghosts or deities.

In KAMI, Sven Sauer analyses the unconscious transformation of truth in the media and the effects of this transformation. Sven Sauer is suspicious of the images, questioning his personal, media- influenced points of view, testing their stability.

KAMI are five man-sized sculptures, shrouded in clouds of “tear gas”.

The artist makes it difficult for the viewers to decide which side the artist is taking, and which side they are on.

Sven Sauer is the founder of »360 minutes Art« - and art exhibition that quickly received international recognition and was shown e.g. at Soho Factory Warschau and Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea.

He initiated the series »The Dark Rooms Exhibition«, which amazed over 2,500 visitors by presenting artworks in total darkness.