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Kunst begegnet sich selbst, in Raum und ihren Betrachtern

immer wieder neu

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Exhibition 2018


»Labyrinth Of Lies« is a glowing maze at Willner Brauerei Berlin, presenting works by London-based art duo The Conner Brothers in collaboration with Sven Sauer from Berlin.

400 umbrellas turn an old industrial site into a spatial installation to be explored by the visitors. Each turn inside this labyrinth opens a new view into the artists' minds.

You are invited to go on a journey and to experience a new form of perception!


PlusOne is the basic concept of an exhibition series that brings together international artists represented by Venet-Haus Galerie and a local artist – the PlusOne – to show works in other cities, galleries and/or institutions.

It aims to facilitate the collaboration between different artists and art forms in new and unusual environments, in order to change the way the artworks are perceived. Creative and exciting collaborations set out to present works on a different level.